As a social media manager for The Work at Home Woman, Tania has exceptional communication, writing, and curating skills. She is thorough, a quick learner, and always delivers her work on-time or ahead of time. Not only is Tania incredibly easy to work with, but in December (our slowest month of the year) she was able to increase clicks to the website by 32%, and she’s had a few posts go viral on our Facebook page, which has never happened before. I consider Tania to be a valuable member of the team, someone who strives for excellence, is trustworthy and delivers on expectations.
                                                                                                                                                          β€”Holly, The Work At Home Woman 
Working with Tania is a breeze. Since she has extensive experience with blogging herself, there was virtually no learning curve when she became a part of our team. She knows WordPress like the back of her hand, has a great understanding of how to write with SEO keywords in mind, and she’s fabulous at weaving in affiliate opportunities where it makes sense. Her writing is also spectacular! She creates informative, high quality content every single time. Tania thinks outside the box and I love the way she balances the direction she’s given with her own unique, creative approach to writing. She is so easy and pleasant to work with, and is an important part of our team. I would recommend Tania and her services over and over again.
                                                                                                                         β€”Gwen, Founder and Managing Editor of Meraki Lane
Tania is amazing. She is not only efficient, but she anticipates issues and is quick to ask questions when she needs clarification. Her copywriting required no edits or changes, and her turn around time was excellent-well before the deadline. She is highly communicative and produced the content I needed. She also completed some research tasks for me that I could not find time to do and what she turned around well exceeded my expectations.
                                                                                                                        β€”Breanna, owner of Breanna Gunn Consulting
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